House Dodgeball Competition

The annual House Dodgeball Competition finally came to an end last week. Students from AISL Harrow Chongqing strive to win glory for their houses in a tense and competitive atmosphere. Sweat and laughter, shouting and cheering. 

All these extraordinary moments have been engraved in the Harrovians’ growth journal. Courage, honour, humility and fellowship 

Harrow’s centuries-old values have been given a new lease of life. 

A traditional Harrow Sport that has been passed down to this day. What is the appeal of dodgeball? Which house finally won the championship? Let’s take a look!

Originally an African tribal military game, dodgeball is often used as a warm-up before battle due to the strength and agility it requires. Soldiers tried to incapacitate their opponents by throwing stones, while the defending side had to dodge by means of agile postures. This interesting game was developed in the early 19th century by the Rev. It was brought back to England by Dr James Carlisle, who taught it at St. Mary’s College, where it evolved into a sport. 

Dodgeball is played today with many variations to the rules, including the shape and size of the court and the number of balls used. Thankfully, rubber balls and other non-lethal projectiles are used exclusively. No more rocks. You’ll find variations played in China where a sack of sand stands in for the rubber ball.

As a traditional Harrow Sport, dodgeball has attracted many Harrovians with its unique appeal. Unlike traditional sports (such as basketball and badminton), dodgeball is a speedy throwing sport that focuses on rhythm and speed, training the body’s agility, mental and manual control, eye and hand coordination, as well as endurance and emotional management. At the same time, Harrovians can experience the fun and excitement of playing sports in close teamwork. 

After a tense and intense House Battle, players from the three main houses in Harrow Chongqing won valuable house points for their houses to see the final results of Harrow Chongqing’s 2nd House Cup Dodgeball Competition! 

In addition to dodgeball, Harrow Chongqing will also offer a wider range of sports and extra-curricular activities in line with Harrow’s heritage and organise more regular competitions under the house system. Sports competitions between houses, not only does it allow students to challenge and push themselves. It also fosters a sense of responsibility and belonging among Harrovians. They will learn the power of teamwork. May you learn how to be a good team player and develop a lifelong love of sport.