THE School

Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership

With a heritage that stretches back for 450 years, the guiding principles of Harrow School, UK are at the heart of our educational ethos here, at Harrow Chongqing. The four values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship represent a holistic approach to education that has produced some of history’s most renowned leaders and thinkers. It is our privilege and honour to deliver such educational excellence for life and leadership, to the young people of the city.

Through close personal tutoring and pastoral care, combined with high expectations for both academic achievement and personal conduct, it is our belief that your child will thrive at our school. Through the development of our key leadership attributes, which are a focus for our unique curriculum, the Harrow Family produces young people for a life of personal fulfilment and service.

The traditions and values of Harrow are ever present. From the House system to our uniform, from our love of the Arts to our own special terminology, the Harrow Family of Schools are truly special. However, these traditions are balanced with a drive towards innovation, whereby we understand the need for all our young people to lead, by having the courage and thinking skills to make the world a better place.
Our mission is to help nurture outstanding individuals who possess the strength of character to excel in a rapidly changing world. We will achieve this by providing a premium education which fosters academic excellence, personal development and a growth mindset.

Welcome to Harrow Chongqing and thank you for entrusting to us the education of your most special gift.