Pre-Prep School

  • The Pre-Prep School curriculum has been carefully crafted to ensure that it provides the foundation of education for students moving into the Prep school. The programme of develops students’ knowledge and skills with the aim of securing, enhancing and challenging understanding.
  • In the Pre-Prep School, students study a broad and varied curriculum with a focus on establishing a grounding in a wide range of subjects, whilst developing key skills in learning including resilience, independence and collaboration. Students study core subjects of English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. These are complemented by: Art and Design, Geography, History, Drama, Computing, Music and Physical Education delivered in a topic-based approach. In addition, the Pre-Prep School curriculum also incorporates personal, social and health education PSHE to support our students’ wellbeing and emotional development.
  • The foundations of how to be an effective learner are laid in Pre-Prep, enabling students to navigate the signposts for support and challenge, allowing them to become more independent learners. We achieve this through carefully crafted learning opportunities that allow students to test their new learning. Approaches that encourage application, practice and deepening of learning through collaboration, problem solving and challenge. This extends to homework, where often learning is reapplied, extended, or enhanced in new or alternative contexts.
  • Alongside this, students undertake activities that further our academic programme. This includes extended writing, digital literacy, project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, speakers’ forums and our Leadership and Service curriculum. Student roles in leadership are nurtured to encourage academic excellence in all Harrovians. Through Pre-Prep School, progress is carefully monitored, and regular feedback is given to students and to parents via written reports and parent consultations.
  • At Harrow Chongqing we aspire to delivering a world class curriculum, we regularly review and reflect on our curriculum to ensure that it delivers to the exacting standards of Harrow. Delivering educational excellence for life and leadership.