Sixth Form

  • Within the Sixth Form students study a two-year A-Level course with most students taking four subjects in Year 11 at AS-Level and three subjects in Year 12 at A-Level, alongside the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The curriculum timetable is constructed around students’ subject choices enabling them to follow their personal interests and academic strengths. Small class sizes and tutor groups contribute towards an exceptional educational experience where students hone and deepen their learning and become competent, independent learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • A-level qualifications are the ‘gold standard’ of the British education system and are recognised worldwide. Harrow Chongqing will offer a wide variety of subjects to study which will prepare students for their chosen university course. To access the Sixth Form curriculum students will need to meet the school entrance requirements. Harrow Chongqing reserves the right to decide which level is most suitable for a student based on performance in our entrance tests, previous school reports, qualifications achieved and our professional judgement. For those students who achieve academic excellence at IGCSE level they may become Academic Scholars. Academic Scholars take on a vigorous programme of study alongside preparation for highly competitive universities worldwide.
  • In the Sixth Form, students can choose from the following subjects: Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Chinese, Computer Science, Design Technology, English Language, English Literature, Economics, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics and Psychology. Please note that the range of subjects available is dependent on demand and availability.
  • To satisfy the English proficiency requirements of universities in English speaking countries, students also take IELTS and SAT courses with timetabled lessons. To satisfy the entrance to highly competitive universities, students are invited to join focussed groups such as the Oxbridge/Ivy League and Medics programmes. These programmes also include preparation for university entrance tests and interview practice. All students will receive personalised support to help them towards their chosen destination and the Harrow group has a vast wealth of experience in supporting applications worldwide.
  • Throughout the Sixth From students are actively encouraged to foster their academic endeavour through a wide range of activities. This might include Model United Nations, leading House events, Sixth Form Peer Support Programme, Leadership and Service trips and the Sixth Form Debating Society. We aim for our Sixth Form students to be leading the whole school through their attitude, outlook, character and ambitions both as young adults and potential leaders of the future. A small number of Year 11 students are selected to become Monitors in Term 2 of Year 11, taking on a range of responsibilities after appropriate training and work alongside the Year 12 Prefect and Senior Prefect Team.
  • At Harrow Chongqing we aspire to delivering a world class curriculum that honours the name of Harrow. In evaluating our curriculum, we will take measure of indicators such as the following: –
  • Students feel valued as present and future citizens
  • Values, aims and principles are evident in lessons and other learning experiences
  • Learners show excitement and engagement in the curriculum
  • There is evidence of exciting learning experiences in and beyond lessons: projects, visits, productions, joint enterprises, community work and use of a range of media
  • There is defined set of competencies that apply across the curriculum
  • There are examples of individual learner’s interests and talents being developed
  • Appropriate learning strategies are in place across the curriculum for securing learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Learners are making progress in the development of the competencies
  • The curriculum is review regularly and updated annually with the flexibility to restructure if necessary.