THE School

The School

Harrow LiDe School, Chongqing – Harrow Chongqing is the first British school in Chongqing and is among the first bilingual schools in Harrow History. Located in the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing, Harrow Chongqing aims to provide world class K-12 internationally-oriented bilingual education to students on an outstanding campus designed for both day students and boarders.

Harrow Chongqing enjoys an area of 135,000 sqm. It can accommodate 2,400 students, including 540 boarders (from Grade 5 and above). The campus embraces the natural contours and vistas of the site to integrate nature into the daily experience of the students and staff.

The architecture of the school’s buildings echoes the original design of ‘Harrow on the Hill’, and their renowned buildings in north London, using contemporary design concepts to create a truly British ‘Harrovian’ environment, with an eye to the future.

The campus fully embraces Harrow’s requirement to put the students first when considering design, emphasising the relationships between people, buildings, the wider environment and space, carefully connecting these elements. The school’s layout gives a sense of harmony, utilising green spaces to partition different functional areas, accentuating their uniqueness and creating the best possible learning environment for our students.