Prep School

  • The Harrow Chongqing curriculum provides a framework for our students to develop their knowledge and skills towards educational excellence in life and leadership. The curriculum is knowledge centred and taught through discrete subject areas. Planned curriculum opportunities are identified and brought together through themes for example STEAM, language, leadership, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Careful consideration has been given towards the sequencing of the curriculum to ensure that knowledge and skills are built upon as the curriculum progresses through Phases in the school ensuring coherence and consistency.
  • During the Prep School, students study a broad and varied curriculum with a focus on establishing a grounding in a wide range of subjects, whilst developing the skills such as independence and collaboration. The academic curriculum is further enriched by Challenge Days and cross curricular activities that extend and deepen student understanding, solve problems and think both critically and creatively.
  • Students study Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, Geography, History, Drama, Computing, Music, Physical Education and the Library. The Prep School curriculum incorporates personal, social and health education PSHE to support our students’ wellbeing and emotional development.
  • Students learn how become more independent learners through careful sequencing of learning and modelling leading to regular guided and independent practice. As students move closer towards university entrance, independent learning becomes a greater part of the student experience. In Prep School students are encouraged to use what they have learnt to further extend themselves by developing a greater understanding of the topics explored independently. As such, homework is provided to encourage students to deepen, extend, or initiate learning.
  • Alongside this, students undertake activities that foster academic endeavour. This includes habitual reading, digital literacy, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, speakers’ forums, study trips and our Leadership and Service curriculum. Through Prep School progress is carefully monitored, and regular feedback given directly to students and to parents via grade cards, written reports and parent consultations.
  • At Harrow Chongqing we aspire to delivering a world class curriculum that honours the name of Harrow. In evaluating our curriculum, we will take measure of indicators such as the following: –
  • Students feel valued as present and future citizens
  • Values, aims and principles are evident in lessons and other learning experiences
  • Learners show excitement and engagement in the curriculum
  • There is evidence of exciting learning experiences in and beyond lessons: projects, visits, productions, joint enterprises, community work and use of a range of media
  • There is defined set of competencies that apply across the curriculum
  • There are examples of individual learner’s interests and talents being developed
  • Appropriate learning strategies are in place across the curriculum for securing learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Learners are making progress in the development of the competencies
  • The curriculum is review regularly and updated annually with the flexibility to restructure if necessary.