THE School

OUR VISION and mission

Harrow School’s Purpose:

To prepare students with diverse backgrounds and abilities for a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment. 

The Harrow International motto:  Leadership for a better world

Leadership Attributes

In order to fulfil our motto, leadership attributes will be instilled, age appropriately, in all students and will focus on:

  • Making a positive contribution to community – so as to demonstrate consideration for the needs of others, build constructive and effective relationships and take responsibility for the reputation of the school and its community

  • Applying knowledge with compassion – so as to respond emotionally and intelligently to others and the environment, treat others with tolerance, respect and consideration, and understand the importance of service

  • Solving problems collaboratively – so as to work effectively with other team members towards a common goal, respect the opinions of others, communicate effectively and promote good morale

  • Solving problems creatively – so as to work with others to generate innovative ideas, meet one’s own development needs, actively seek new ideas and opportunities and maintain momentum when problem-solving

  • Making just and responsible choices – so as to be receptive to alternative perspectives, adhere consistently to ethical principles and use knowledge of right from wrong as a moral compass

  • Facing challenges with determination – so as to be able to cope with change, adapt effectively to unfamiliar challenges, learn from successes and failures and develop resilience when facing difficulties